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4 Expert Tips for Easier Snow Removal This Winter

Winter is just around the corner which means that it is time for business owners to start thinking about how their landscape will adapt to the seasonal changes. 

Believe it or not, landscapes add a lot of value and presence to any business out there. They help your curb appeal and make your space look a lot more inviting and professional, even during the winter!

This is why making sure that your landscape is optimized depending on the season is crucial. 

When your commercial landscape is taken care of according to seasonal needs, it creates a better experience not only for your clients but also for your employees and yourself. 

This is why we have put together 4 expert tips for easier snow removal this winter to help you keep your customers and employees happy with a beautiful facility all season long! 

Start Looking For Contractors Early On

The best time to look for contractors is during the summer. While it might seem a little too far ahead, the truth is that commercial snow removal contractors are booked months and months in advance. 

In fact, many contractors have a roster of clients that they already work for, so if it’s your first time searching for one, it may take a little longer to find an opening. So, start early. 

Starting your search for a contractor early does more than just pad you with time, it allows you to see if the working relationship will be a match! 

Take this time to understand their process, learn about the services they offer, and set the right expectations and goals. 

Repair Drainage Issues and Irrigation

In the summer, you may notice areas of your landscaping that aren’t draining properly during rain and storms. 

While this might not be an issue during the summer and fall, it can definitely be inconvenient during the wintertime if it isn’t addressed. 

Improper drainage can result in patches of black ice, as the water will pool and then freeze in areas it shouldn’t. 

Black ice is dangerous for your customers and clients and creates bad experiences for everyone at your facility if isn’t taken care of. 

Not only is it dangerous to have poor irrigation causing black ice during the wintertime, but it can also make your perennials prone to diseases. 

When water pools around your plants, it over-saturates their root systems, which throws off their nutrient balance. This can result in rotting and dying plants, which will obviously have a negative impact on your landscape’s appearance.

Additionally, an important step of winterizing your irrigation is turning them off and draining them. You need to clear your pipes and hoses of all water so that they don’t freeze and cause issues. 

If you don’t, you could face costly damage like burst pipes.

Contact a professional to make sure all your irrigation winterization is carried out correctly. You don’t want to risk anything being done incorrectly. 

Think About Your Hardscapes 

When thinking about taking care of your landscapes for the winter it’s easy to forget about your hardscapes and how they need to be adapted, too. However, they’re super important for the functionality of your business!

Your parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, patios, benches, and other hard surfaces need just as much attention and care as your plants throughout the year! They’re key for the accessibility and user-friendliness of your facility. 

The primary way to look after your hardscapes is to make sure you have a contractor conducting regular snow removal. This will keep your surfaces free of snow and ice that could make your property difficult or even dangerous to move through!

As tempting as it might sound to use powerful chemical de-icers, it is important to avoid these since they do create problems with your plumbing, drainage, and hardscapes in general. Additionally, the chemicals could cause damage to the plants and grasses in your landscape.

Winterize Your Lawn

Great soil health is what allows you to have a beautiful lawn and landscape foundation, so make sure it’s ready to take on the winter!

How do you prepare it for the colder seasons? Start as soon as possible!

Make sure that you are properly providing nutrients to your soil during the warmer months. This will allow your perennials to have a good foundation during the winter. 

During winter when your plants and shrubs don’t seem to be “alive,” they are still absorbing nutrients from the soil, helping them to grow back strong and healthy in the spring. 

To help winterize your soil as much as possible, fertilize your lawn one last time during the fall right before it gets too cold. 

You should also try aerating, overseeding, and adding protective barriers to your trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Summit Landscape Management Snow Removal Services

Summit Landscape Management has the experts and the equipment needed to help you prepare your property for the winter. 

We’ll make sure your hardscapes are cleared and kept safe, so you can keep your business running smoothly all season long!

We keep a fleet of commercially equipped snow plow trucks, toolcats, skid-steer, and front-end loaders that give us the capabilities to clear any loading dock, garage entrance, or commercial lot. 

Our full services include: 

  • Snowplowing
  • Snow removal
  • Salting and de-icing

Want to know more about our services? Request an estimate today or contact us to have one of our experts talk to you.