Comprehensive Tree Care, Pruning, and Removal Services

We’ll assess your tree’s health and structure, and help you come up with a plan that meets your needs while protecting as many plants as possible. We can solve any tree, shrub, and landscape issues “in-house” and make the right recommendations for the challenges your landscape faces.

When you choose Summit to care for your trees and landscape, you choose to work with professionals who are…

  • Staffed by I.S.A. Certified Arborists
  • Tree care safety professionals on staff
  • I.S.A. tree risk assessor on staff
  • Michigan oak wilt qualified arborists

Our services are provided in an environmentally and socially responsible manner by using scientifically-based approaches to the tree and shrub care. We recycle 100% of the debris in our yard; creating landscape mulch, firewood, and other wood products.

Pruning tree

Tree Pruning

Every pruning cut on a plant will affect how that plant grows in the future, for better or worse.

Proper pruning can improve the health, safety, and appearance of your trees. Whether it be to clear branches from your roof or improve your trees’ overall development. Our crews are holistically trained to understand the biology and artistic nature of trees.

Tree Protection Zones

Is your landscape undergoing renovations, construction projects, or lot clearing?

Involving Summit prior to breaking ground will allow us to assess the health and structure of your trees so that you can protect the trees you want to keep (especially during renovation projects). If your landscape is mature, let us help you keep it that way! We’ll ensure that we frame your project sustainably.

Tree Removal

We have the equipment and the knowledge to safely remove any tree anywhere.

Our goal is to complete any tree removal project safely and efficiently; so that when we leave only our footprints are left behind. Tree removal can be very hazardous especially within the urban forest.

Stump Grinding

When removing a tree, we cut the tree to as low of grade as possible — within 6 to 14 inches of grade.

The stump will be ground to a depth of 6 to 8 inches below grade. With this basic stump grinding service, all wood, grindings, & dirt removed during the grinding process will be left on site.

Stump Grinding CLEAN-UPS

We clean-up and haul away the excess dirt and wood chips generated from the stump grinding. 

We will then backfill the stump with dirt from the grinding to leave it level with the surrounding grade or a slight hump. All excess debris will be picked up and recycled back at our yard in West Michigan.

Plant Health Care

We will do everything we can to save your trees and keep them in pristine health condition.

Our specialists will assess and diagnose your trees, then practices like pruning or treatment will be utilized to best treat your tree. Addressing a problem ASAP is critical for ensuring your trees’ livelihood.

logs cut with chainsaw

Let’s work together…

Have a project in mind? Request an estimate or give us a call today, and let’s start a conversation!

Here's What our Clients Are Saying...

"I’d like to say how happy my wife and I are with the way the landscaping job turned out. It was a night and day difference when it was completed."

"“Thanks so much again for all your help with the landscaping, I love my yard! After a crazy day, I come home, pour a glass of wine and go outside with Maggie and I am relaxed and happy there … so glad I did it last year.”"

"I wanted to say thank you for the awesome (irrigation) job the guys did at my house. They are pros!"

"I am very happy with the mowing crew. They are doing a great job!"

"GREAT JOB! When all the (landscape) work is complete I am considering seasonal services."

"We had Summit remove our old mulch and lay some stone in its place. They were quick, the mess was cleaned up when they were done, and the price was the best I could find!!"

"Summit is SUPER. In the winter, I always know that I won't have any trouble with snow -- in fact, when we get nighttime snow, they are here in the dark plowing. And the sidewalks and drive are always done on time. Eric especially is great. He sprays for the health of the vegetation and also to keep creepy crawlies away. My wife has breathing problems and the first time he came around this past Spring to spray. I asked him if he would let us know ahead of time so we could close our windows. Well, he never needed another reminder. He's ring our doorbell to let us know that he'd be spraying later. With our windows shut, my wife had no ill effects Thanks to Eric and thanks to Summit."

"Just left there got gravel very friendly very easy to deal with only spent 50 bucks treated me like I spent 500 I like em"

"Summit Landscape always exceeds my expectations. The staff is professional and punctual; the services are outstanding, and they always answer my questions. I would highly recommend them for your landscape and snow removal needs."

"I have used Summit for various landscaping projects over the years and they have always done a great job. I highly recommend them."

"They did an excellent job! We have a large yard with many trees. All of the leaves were cleaned up and our lawn was edged. Thank you!"

"Great service great people. I had a large oak tree limb fall onto my fence and took out my power and internet. As soon as Consumers took care of the power line and electrical issues Summit had a crew there the next day chopping up the branch cleaning up the mess the branch caused. I could not be any happier with the job they did."

"I hired Summit Landscaping to roll and aerate my yard this Spring. They were prompt to return my call, provided a reasonable quote, and got the job done quickly and professionally. Working with them is easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend them!"

"I worked here for a period of time, and also now use them for a variety of services. About the nicest group of people to work with and they always do great work. Had a large landscape project done in my yard including stone steps, elevated stone wall, irrigation, and regular maintenance."

"Excellent services and fair in the market."

"Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value"